Exclusive UK distributor of refrigeration condensing units.

Rochelle (Northern) Ltd is an independent and very competitive company formed in 2008. We have enjoyed over 10 years within the refrigeration industry. Rochelle is the exclusive UK distributor of refrigeration condensing units and packs from IBS.

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What we do at Rochelle Northern?

The main core of our business is the distribution of various refrigeration products which range from single compressor condensing units to multi compressor pack systems and energy-efficient systems. In addition to this, we are capable of designing and building bespoke condensing units and pack systems to suit customer needs.

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Energy Efficient Systems.

Rochelle northern provides a comprehensive range of scroll compressor condensing units and packaged systems designed for the commercial refrigeration market. Click on the products below to see our range from medium temperature to low temperature.

Top Quality, certified products.

IBS refrigeration units are CE certified, TUV certified which is a world leader in product testing and certification and has TSE certification to prove the point of origin.

Based in Rochdale, Lancashire, Rochelle currently employs staff from all across the North of England.

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Standard Quality Features.

High Quality specification and parts which come as standard

Effecient Housing

Weather resistant housing.

Compressor Style

Copeland Scroll

Pressure Switches


Ultra Durable

Hinged door and External service valve.

Condensing Units MT

The extremely efficient medium temperature scrolls are the ideal solution for commercial applications.

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Weather Proof Housing


ZF Range Copeland Scroll Compressor

Condensor Fans

Low Noise Fans

Condensing Low Temperature

Commercial condensing units designed for low-temperature applications.

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Quiet Design

Low noise level fans.

Amazing Housing

Contained refrigeration components.


Integrated condenser.

Ultra Durable

Self contained electrics.

Multi Compressor Packs

Self-contained units, which are ideal for projects that require larger refrigeration duties.

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